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Our innovation in sound insulation

Reduction in sound level transmitted from a neighboring room or from the environment is one of the most important tasks both in modern shipbuilding and in dry construction. The ability to attenuate the noise transmission depends on the capacity of walls and ceilings to obstruct the passage of sound. Interior designers and architects express desire to use thin and lightweight sound-absorbing materials to save space. 

The developers of the CBG Composites GmbH offer an innovative "sandwich" to design a "cabin to cabin" construction for walls and ceilings.

It consists of two composite sandwich panels with an air gap between them. Each sandwich panel is only 15 or 25 mm thick. The weight of one square meter of these panels is only 5.7 kg and 7.5 kg respectively. The proposed system provides sound insulation (Rw) of over 50 dB.
These acoustic panels are incombustible and provide additional protection against fire. The design of the innovative panels is protected by a German patent.

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