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FireCore® and FirePan® are the unique products with registered trademarks

A trademark, designed to identify the company's goods and/or services, speaks for the high quality of a product and is regarded as a symbol of reliability and trust from customers and partners. It also gives the owner the exclusive right to use the trademark on the protected goods and is an important milestone on the way to marketing the goods. 
In the course of this year the CBG Composites GmbH received two certificates of trademark registration: the FirePan® and the FireCore®.
The registered trademark "FirePan" stands for a family of the fire-resistant sandwich panels to use in architecture and especially in dry construction. The products in this series allow to reduce required time and labor input in, for instance wall construction, by more than half. The "FireCore" is a high-quality non-combustible multilayer core for constructional sandwich panels made of specially prepared rock wool. Patented in Germany core structure allows the production of much thinner sandwich panels for a given fire resistance rating. The innovation is that the core is impregnated with a special composition of natural raw materials with endothermic effect, and the panel works on the principle of a chemical refrigerator, preventing the spread of high temperatures in case of fire.
We are glad that our innovative, unique products now also have a unique name. These products have different spheres of application. You can find more detailed information in our product catalogue or browsing our website.