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Competition in sound insulation: new record

Good news: The acoustic panels from CBG Composites GmbH have achieved a sound insulation capacity of 52 dB!

It is known, that for good sound insulation the "cabin to cabin" principle is used, meaning that a wall consists of two panels with an air gap between them. However, the fact how well the wall isolates and absorbs sound depends mainly on the construction of the panels of which the wall is made up.

Recently, the developers of the CBG Composites GmbH have achieved an excellent sound insulation result of 52 dB.

The new fire-resistant panel SilencePan-35/G was tested in the TÜV NORD Essen laboratory. Such an achievement was possible due to the use of new basalt and ceramic materials, which promote sound absorption.
The panel SilencePan 25/G is thinner, only 25 mm, but also has an impressive result of 51 dB. Since 2016 until now our record-breaker in sound insulation was the acoustic panel SeaPan WP-28/G with a result of 50 dB.

The experts are particularly pleased with the test results because the products of the CBG Composites GmbH are made of natural, environmentally friendly materials. As a bonus to the excellent room sound insulation, such panels provide additional thermal insulation and air permeability.