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Product development still active despite CORONA short-time work

The R&D of the CBG Composites GmbH employs people whose brains always work hyper-intensively despite the fact, that the company has implemented a short-time work due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Therefore, we set ourselves the task to improve the performance of our fire barriers - basalt ceramic boards.

Considering the fire class A60 for shipbuilding, where the best achievement so far has been a 50 mm thick SeaPan WP 50/60 panel weighing 14.4 kg per m2, we intended to reduce the weight by almost 20%. We have successfully coped with this task. The preliminary tests have been passed. We are in the final phase of the required testing and are preparing to introduce the product soon.

The weight of both, of the wall panel and of the floating floor panel has been reduced to 12.4 kg per m2. This is extremely important for the shipbuilding industry. Not only have we reduced the weight, but also we reduced the thickness! Now the thickness of the panel is only 30 mm, yet at the same time the fire class remains the same - A60. This means that the temperature on the 60th minute on the side of the fire impact will be 925 degrees Celsius. On the opposite side of the panel, the average temperature will not rise above 140 degrees Celsius.

This was made possible by new developments. The CBG Composites GmbH holds three German patents for basalt ceramic boards as fire resistant panels. Our fire-resistant barriers can be modified at the client’s request and to the specific properties he needs.

If you are interested in our new developments, please visit our Product page or contact us, we are always glad to answer your questions.