CorePan 15/G

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Multilayer non-combustible (IMO 2010 FTPC-1, DIN EN 13501) core for use in shipbuilding, construction and architecture or for the production of composite sandwich panels with a wide range of applications. The product is made of high quality stone wool and processed in a multi-stage specialized process by the patented inorganic flame-retardant adhesive LR Cerammatrix 01-50 with endothermic effect giving the final product the following properties:
  • Low specific gravity
  • Noninflammability and non-combustibility
  • No smoke or fuses in a fire
  • High temperature resistance
  • Low thermal conductivity
  • High noise-insulating properties
  • Immunity to vibration
  • Moisture-resistant
  • Good breathability
  • Handling with conventional cutting tools
  • Easy disposal

If necessary, CorePan 15/15 can be coated with different materials: CPL, HPL, galvanized foil, etc.

CorePan 15/15 has high thermal and noise insulation properties with an exceptionally low specific weight of only about 2.9 kg/m².
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