CBG- BioFiber Mat

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CBG - BioFiber Mat is a refractory ceramic fiber mat (blanket) made of biosoluble ceramic fibers BioFiberAlt based on calcium and magnesium silicates with high thermal insulation values ​​at all operating temperatures, usable as an insulating and working layer of high-temperature devices and for the production of thermal insulation products in the form of modules or panels. CBG - BioFiber Mat is characterized by the following properties:

  • 100% biosoluble
  • good tear strength
  • high temperature resistance
  • high flexibility
  • low thermal conductivity
  • easy processing
  • good sound absorption
  • environmentally friendly
  • good insulating properties
  • no risk to health
  • high chemical resistance (a special coating is required to achieve higher acid resistance. Available from the manufacturer)
  • contains no binders, produces no fumes or air pollution

  • Thermal insulation of high-temperature thermal devices
  • Working lining of roasting, heating and reheating furnaces
  • Filler for fire doors
  • Fire protection for wall and ceiling insulation
  • Sealing of penetrations
  • Fire protection for containers and pipelines

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