CBG- BioFiber Form

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High-temperature vacuum-formed products CBG - BioFiber Form made of biosoluble ceramic fibres BioFiberAlt are lightweight and solid parts or structural elements that can be used at temperatures up to 1.400 °C in air and in aggressive environments, including direct contact with liquid metals. High temperature vacuum-formed products CBG - BioFiber Form are characterized by the following properties:

  • 100% biosoluble
  • high temperature resistance
  • low thermal conductivity
  • high chemical resistance (a special coating is required to achieve higher acid resistance. Available from the manufacturer)
  • light weight
  • good tear strength
  • high flexibility
  • easy processing
  • complicated geometries can be produced
  • recyclable

Possible applications include:
burner system parts; gaskets, crucibles, thermocouple housings; coupling devices in continuous caster; gutter elements of metal tanks, inlet device in the melting of non-ferrous and ferrous metals; sealing in aluminum foundries; convex and flat gaskets in blast furnaces; expansion joints; pipe insulation; catalyst isolation; repair work in the high temperature range.

*The presented pictures are only intended as a reference. Please consider that original products may deviate from the published pictures.
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