fako® Glass fibre adhesive 9119Xtra

fako® Glass fibre adhesive 9119Xtra is a solvent-free plastic dispersion, thixotropic one-component adhesive, which is characterized by high elasticity and initial adhesion as well as a short drying time.

Purpose: bonding of glass fabric to mineral wool in pipe and surface areas, bonding to sheet metal, as well as for production of glass fiber fabric cover on rubber products (e.g. Armaflex). It can be used on all load-bearing surfaces, such as plaster, plasterboard and concrete.

Low flammable without flue gas formation (acc. IMO FTPC5).

Modul B

WIWEB certificate

Modul D

The substrate must be clean, free of grease and dust. fako® Glass fibre adhesive 9119Xtra can be applied to vertical surfaces with a brush, roller or notched trowel. During application the temperature should be at least + 10°C. Consumption: 200g to 250 g per m², depending on the substrate.

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