Dense refractory concrete CBG-DP-90

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CBG-DP-90 is a dense, refractory, self-flowing concrete with low cement content intended for use in aggressive environments, including contact with molten metals and slags at temperatures up to 1,900°C, especially for the production of monolithic linings of steel ladles, elements of the metal tract and as a repair concrete mass. It can be used for monolithic linings as well as for products of any configuration and complexity. Thanks to its excellent properties:

  • high temperature resistance
  • high temperature of liquid phase formation
  • high mechanical resistance
  • high temperature at the onset of deformation under load
  • does not contain any substances that cause allergic reactions
  • resistant to molten metal, acidic and alkaline slag

CBG-DP-90 is used in the ferrous, non-ferrous and glass industries, as a lining for smelting aggregates in the production of mineral fibers etc.

Composition: corundum, tabular alumina, spinel.

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